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Thanks to our sponsors and local businesses , our key supporters ,who contributed to seeing The Blokes Book V2 printed and distributed into local community.

Single copies are available from our major sponsor Bay Espresso Roastery  Roosters Omahu Road, or Airport cafe, for free for the public.
For organisations requiring multiple copies we ask you contact us for copies to be provided to you in bulk.
RRP is $6 per book minimum 10 with discount for larger quantities. 

To find out more please get in touch: 

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NZ Logger Feature June 2022

One for the blokes - NZ logger Magazine June 2022

“Just knowing where to go in tough times can be a great first step to changing a life. Our guys and girls working in the forest industry are pretty capable, hardy and resilient types. They have to be to get up in the dark and do a day’s mahi on the hill in all weather,” says Tina Drummond, Health & Safety Manager at log transport company, Pacific Haulage (PHL). 

“The rewards are all around, but no one has been able to escape the recent pressures of uncertainty and lockdowns,” she adds. “The impact on workplaces, and the resultant effect of a tightening economy, mean now more than ever we need to support our people.” 

And that support has come in the form of an updated version of The Hawke’s Bay Blokes Book, a free resource focussing on wellbeing for local men and their families.

Hawke’s Bay charitable Trust, DADS HQ, first launched the book in 2019. It provides a wealth of information on self-care, from leisure and recreation to volunteering, physical and mental health, men’s groups, parenting and separated dads. The booklet aims to make it quick and easy to find relevant information and contacts for health and social services, local community organisations and leisure activities.

“With no specific ‘hub’ for men’s wellbeing in Hawke’s Bay, this resource fills a gap with the information it provides, both in print and online via the DadsHQ website. We know our community is under huge stress and we are keen to get copies into businesses and workplaces,” says Dads HQ manager, Shayne Jeffares.

He says of specific mention is the interest in the Blokes Book within the forestry and transport industries. The first Blokes Book was picked up by Pan Pac and a special print run created for their own use with their branding. With the latest print run, just in time for Men’s health week which runs from 13-19 June, Pan Pac again requested copies and also circulated them to some of their contractors, with interest now coming from other regions around the country and interest in creating a Gisborne edition, with a focus on forestry.

Fulfilling a need

Shayne started Dads HQ in Hawke's Bay after seeing a need to support local Dads more informally, “away from the more formal organisation-type service”.

“Our role is to help Dads to navigate the support they may be seeking in their local community around relationships, communication with their partner and family, parenting or even the need to relocate to the region or seek a referral for support,” says Shayne. 

“We noticed little information available that was relatable directly around Men's Wellness. Unlike other cities, we lacked a Men’s Hub, and many services available were for crisis support. 

“We know men can struggle to find time to stop and think through situations or to reach out for help sometimes due to work commitments or just not wanting to face the fear. This can put pressure on their own wellbeing and those around them, their workmates and family close to them.

So, The Hawke's Bay Blokes Book was created to provide a directory of local support, covering everything from mental health to habits, addiction, being a father, child care and growing older. 

Some 20 businesses came on board to help with costs and see it circulate into the community, from clubs and cafes, to workplaces, as well as those employing men like forestry, trucking firms, and the local Fire Brigade.

7000 copies of this year’s print run are circulating into the community through local businesses and community services.

Shayne mentions his own knowledge of the forestry industry and gives credit to those organisations ensuring the wellbeing of their employees: “Coming from a lineage of forest workers, three generations back in my own family, I am really pleased to be working within the industry to provide our resource to men working in forestry.

“Oftentimes isolated working conditions don’t allow for access to support and help while at work. This resource provides a navigation of local support services, emails and websites, with people ready to support those looking for help. “

Addressing mental health

Aratu Forests CEO, Neil Woods, couldn’t agree more. “Suicide rates are surprisingly high and rural New Zealand guys are a tough bunch. I think there is a need for that support to help break down some of those barriers.

“The Blokes Book has lots of really good material. When I first came across it, I bought 100 copies, gave them to my staff and to our logging and roading contractors. I left them in their containers in case someone wanted to pick it up, rather than making a big deal of it.”

Aratu Forests is now working with Dad’s HQ to produce a local book focusing on help on the Gisborne East Coast region, he says. “We’ve got quite a focus on mental health this year as a business for our contractors, so it continued the momentum. The book is small and easily accessible.

Tina adds: “The Blokes Book is a strong addition to our current Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offering. It is filled with truck loads of practical and useful information from head to heart to mental health and so much more. I’m excited to see it come to Tairawhiti soon. 

“PHL has been a famil-owned business most of its life and we try to maintain that ethic now that we are corporate. Looking after our team is critical - without them there would be no business. We need our drivers to turn up every day and move wood, without that the business woud not thrive. So like our business, we need our team to thrive. That’s why we are so interested in “The Blokes Book” (I’m sure the female drivers in our team will enjoy it too).

She says just recently she asked their drivers to share what they loved most about their job.  This is what they said:

The scenery and the challenge of weather season and terrain. 

For me it is the magnificent views and the wildlife I see out the window of my office. 

Not one load is the same.

Just me and my truck plus banter with the team. 

What that banter doesn’t always include is a focus on mental health. PHL Operations Manager, Mitchell James, says the Blokes Book should help in that regard: “I would imagine there are plenty of guys out there who probably don’t realise they may have some issues that need addressing, but after reading this book with its variety of content, it may trigger them to acknowledge and act on an aspect of their lives that could do with some improvement.  

“We all know that blokes typically ignore mental health concerns but having a read of this book during rest breaks or other downtime during their workdays could really help a lot of men out there. It would be great to see copies of it in the hands of blokes all throughout the forestry industry, where long work hours and family life add stresses to an otherwise enjoyable lifestyle.”

PHL  General Manager, Campbell Gilmour, agrees: ‘The Blokes Book helps make it easier to ask ourselves and others the hard questions… as well as enabling an individual to stop and reflect once they have read the book on what matters to them and helping them understand what could possibly be influencing their life.

“I think we all agree the world is changing at a great pace and our everyday lives are a lot different now than say a couple of years ago. I’m sure it will be different again in a couple of years’ time. This fast-changing pace puts added pressure on everyone. The Blokes Book helps us all to better understand what is happening in our lives and to understand what could be affecting others around us. We are always looking out for the wellbeing of our families and workmates, and this is another tool to help everyone with this task.”

Shayne has the last word. ‘By publishing this free resource and getting it into the community, our aim is to see men becoming  proactive in their wellbeing and by doing so become better men, partners, and Dads." 

To find out more visit:

"We are supporting the second version as well"

We first discovered the Blokes Book about a year ago and found it to be a well put together and interesting idea we have supported the second version as well.
We had a small supply of free giveaways that were quickly taken up by our customers visiting our workshop.  There was so much interest that we decided to sponsor a print run ourselves. It is sometimes surprising who picks one up to take home and the feedback we get is always only ever good, in particular from customers who work in the health sector that find it hard to believe they do not already have this resource available.  
It's such a great idea to have all this information together in one place and in such a format that any bloke is comfortable taking one and hopefully even passing it on.  GLOBAL AUTOWORKS
Kim and Justin

2019 Press Release

The Hawke's Bay Blokes Book, produced and distributed late 2019 across Hawke's Bay is seeing an increase in demand, this time from local workplaces, with a focus on their employers' wellbeing.
Recently, Pan Pac Forest Products provided a copy of the Blokes Book for each of their on-site staff, including their female employees, with a note for them to pass onto a significant male in their lives.
Pan Pac health safety and wellbeing co-ordinator Wendy Chittock says with 405 staff working at Pan Pac, 376 were male. Wendy felt on seeing a copy of The Blokes book, it was an affordable resource with great impact for their organisation to obtain. The publication will be useful as a reference for staff who may seek guidance from one of the on-site peer supporters, with a possibility to integrate the book into the Pan Pac app for off-site staff to access, she said.
The Blokes Book has now circulated 10,000 copies into the Hawke's Bay and CHB communities.The book's first run was printed in September, with all copies circulated within six weeks through major supporter AMI, individual sponsors' own businesses, cafes, gyms, and council services including libraries.
Project manager Shayne Jeffares says with a focus in workplaces on wellness initiatives and staff wellbeing, he was seeing a sudden demand from organisations for their own in-house version of the book, particularly given the last few months.
"As with Pan Pac, while the book promotes men's wellbeing and local support agencies, it is not a men's only publication. So for a workplace to circulate it to all its staff, it is having a wider reach to also include staff members' own family."
Alongside Pan Pac, other organisations such as EIT, Port of Napier, HB Airport Authority and NCC have had the resource created with their own branding on the front cover, creating their own in-house copy of the book.
"I am really happy to see this happen, from individuals seeing the book out in the community and taking it back to their workplace to show to their employers. It was always planned to be able to offer it to workplaces and to offer their own personalised version."
He says the book is a simple resource supporting the message "Happy and Healthy Hawke's Bay Men".
"Having The Blokes Book 'working' for itself, is seeing a number of enquiries from workplaces wanting to ensure firstly all their staff are cared for and safe which then also contributes to improved health and safety onsite and improved workplace performance."
■ For more information about The Blokes Book for your workplace or service contact Shayne Jeffares at,021 813 877

​The resource is amazing.

 Men’s mental health and where to access support has been such a question mark for so long, so it is wonderful to have some answers in one spot. Not only is it great for our staff to have a reference point, but it’s also great to be able to hand a patient a resource for them to hold and take with them to refer to later. Hope is important.
Kind regards Angelina Gorst

The blokes book has been a huge hit

We were able to distribute a lot of books last Wednesday when we our vision and strategy for the business.Worker was able to get up and speak on mental health and referred to the resources in the book as well as the help out there in our community for men.This same worker wants to go present and take some of the blokes books to contractors he's had conversations with struggling with relationship issues.We have been running GoodYarn programme in our business too and with these workshops we provide our staff with the book to take away for themselves or people they might know that will benefit from this book.
Regards,Tyson Ataera, UNISON

The "Bloke Book" has been greatly received

 We have been giving them out to patients. I have received good feed back about the subject matter.
Its hugely important for our Tane to know there are places for them to be supported, and to have that information at their finger tips, is fantastic.... Could save a life!!!
We definitely  would love more of the books at Totara Health to hand out. We would also love to feature in the next round. I wont return to AMI, I will leave their supply with them.

There certainly has been a lot of work in putting the book together.


Sally Calder

Looking out for our blokes

Local Community advocate, Shayne Jeffares, is raising awareness for men’s wellbeing coordinating a Hawke’s Bay version of a magazine called “The Blokes Book”. He wants to see communities working together better, particularly in supporting their youth and their senior men. He believes, caring more for each other can be a big start. 

The Hawke’s Bay Blokes Book is a free 50 paged full colour magazine, with 15,000 free copies due to be distributed into communities later this month during NZ Men’s Health Month. 
Included is information, locally and nationally for rangatahi (youth) through to seniors; covering health, wellness and recreation and includes listings for free call numbers and advertising for local support services in your area. Shayne says the book can be used easily as a way to start a conversation. 
"You can share the book easily, by saying, ‘Hey, I picked this up, it looks pretty cool’. Or stick one in a letterbox for ‘the old guy down the street’ who you know may be living alone "
The Napier Menz Shed has a free page in the book. Based in Latham Street, this hangout is a haven for men over 60 looking to connect with other blokes through shared interests and activities. In what used to be the Napier Port brass band hall, they have an impressive workshop and communal space where they churn out a number of projects each year on behalf of other community organisations or just for fun. 
“The Blokes Book for me is about seeing healthy Hawke’s Bay men, leading to happy and resilient families in well-connected communities,” sums up Shayne.


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