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Hi, Shayne here. I've been involved with Dads for the last 8 years. Starting with Plunket as a Dad coach for under 5s, then moving into establishing a support network for Dads facing separation and the Family court.
A big focus for me has been around wellness and in 2019  worked alongside The Canterbury Mens Centre creating a HB version of The Blokes Book, circulating 10,000 copies into our area. 

I am a Dad to two sons and have always tried to be an active and involved Dad. Things are changing at a fast pace in our world and I know that prioritising our kids over work , relationship, parenting  and our own personal commitments can be a constant juggle resulting in tired and frustrated Dads.Never a good look when it starts to have an impact on your family and those we are close to.

I believe also that as parents our biggest role is to be a champion for our kids. I know from many Dads I talk with this can be a challenge in some areas as we are sometimes influenced by our own upbringing and beliefs. Trying to make our wants 'fit' our kids lives can often add to the stress and disconnect we may be feeling.

So, if you know things aren't working for you and your family , I'm here to listen and hopefully help with some small steps to support you in your Dad journey.
Reach out, sometimes just talking is the best place to start.

Hello Sweet Mamas & Groovy Papas

It sure is one tough job being a parent right? I know because I am one too! When I first became a mum I remember feeling alone and scared. Now as a mum to one grown up awesome son and one amazing teen son I have learnt a few things along the way. I started as most of us do parenting the same way as we ourselves were parented. I think it’s most parents default parenting style. I learnt along the way that there are other more peaceful and respectful ways to connect with our kids and when I changed as a parent our home and family changed. No more battles with kids just a calm and peace for us all.
My work life then saw me working in the education system , mostly with kids that had learning or behaviour problems . So I looked and researched as to why these kids struggled and how I could best support them to be happier in the class. Next stop for me in my professional development was to see me as a support worker in our community. There as I was suppose to be the one leading the way the families I journeyed with become my teacher. They showed me the struggles they faced on a daily basis. Struggles with being able to navigate social services, the school system and the family courts. So I soon learnt how to be an advocate or a voice for those who sadly many had stopped listening too.
Now I guess I am a voice for our youth. Our amazing teens who often are misunderstood with their wild free behaviour. The ones who hold our future but need some encouragement on how they can make the leap from child to adult with out hurting themselves or break their parents hearts along the way. Yes my sweet parents I know how hard it is to raise a teen and all of their challenges they bring to us! But I promise , once again as a mum that has now got an adult child things change again. 
You are still their mum , their safe place to share but suddenly you are now their peer. Joined forever but both humans finding our own ways through this wonderful amazing messy business called life!
I look forward to talking to you and getting to know you and your beautiful family ....


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