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The Blokes Book
for Hawke's Bay

It is known that men’s partners and families also feel the economic and social impacts of men’s ill health.
That's why we created the Blokes Book for Hawke’s Bay with our first edition back in 2020. Since then we have circulated 20,000 copies across our region, into our community through workplaces, sport clubs and libraries.
We believe the Blokes Book  is a positive step in supporting our families and communities through Men's well being.

Find out more on our new Elements wellness programme below.

Order copies for your workplace 
or organisation

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Introducing Elements
our new wellness programme.

For workplaces Elements delivers practical information in a casual  1 hour wellness session for up to 15 staff.
Topics such as identifying the early signs of anxiety to enhancing energy and moods, focussing on optimal brain health while offering practical tips will see your team re set and refocussed in a whole new light.

Get in touch below for more details. 

Get in touch 

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Kia ora, Welcome to our

Here to listen to support you and your family.

We bring our understanding  to support you in your  parenting and relationship challenges.
Our experience comes from being parents ourselves, education and research around parenting styles and parent / child relationship, particularly through the teenage years.
If you are parenting alone or co-parenting we hope we can offer you some support to continue to  raise happy healthy kids!
And Dads, we get you.

Not every Dad experiences are the same . We find that Dads are really cool about talking up the good stuff but the emotional stuff can be left for many Dads to deal with on their own.

We get you .
No matter what you are experiencing it is all normal and many Dads have felt just like you do. 
At Dads HQ we want to support you to be a great Dad not a perfect Dad but the Dad you may have always wanted. 


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