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The Blokes Book Project
for Hawke's Bay Men and their families

We all want to live longer, healthier lives and together, we can make it happen. Yet, every day in New Zealand, 8 families lose a father, partner or grandparent to an illness that could have been prevented. Maori and Pasifika men live shorter lives than other New Zealanders.
Nearly one in four Kiwi men won't make it to retirement age. That's a quarter of us.

That's why we created the Blokes Book for Hawke’s Bay with our first edition back in 2020.
We believe the Blokes Book is a positive step in supporting local families and communities through Men's health and well being. 
Since then we have circulated close to 20,000 free copies across our region, into our community through workplaces, sport clubs and libraries.
But it's more than just a book.
We have created from scratch a whole new Blokes Book, full of ways to live your best life, tips and information as well as local services here to help you.
Local information for local people, we hope this resource helps you or someone you know on their wellbeing journey.

Order copies
for your workplace 
or organisation

We can invoice businesses directly, or you can donate using "buy me a coffee" button below.

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Introducing Elements
our new wellness programme.

For Individuals
Delivered online this wellbeing workshop will help you to introduce new tools into your life. Topics such as identifying the early signs of anxiety to enhancing energy and moods, focussing on optimal brain health while offering practical tips will see you re set and refocus in a whole new light.

For workplaces

Elements delivers practical information in a casual  1 hour wellness session for up to 15 staff.

Get in touch below for more details. 

Get in touch 

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About us

Community Wellness Hawke's Bay ( also known as Dads HQ) has been around for a while, supporting Dads and their families here in the Bay since 2016.
Seeing a gap in support, locals Shayne and Cath Jeffares, established a support and information network for Dads going through separation the couple then went on to create a resource highlighting services and support for men, now in its third print run. 
Contact :
Shayne Jeffares
021 813 877

Kia ora
Welcome to our

Here to listen to support you and your family.

We understand what you're going through as a parent.
We've been there ourselves, and we've learned a lot about raising kids. We're here to help you with any struggles you might be facing. Whether you're a single parent or co-parenting, we're here to support you.
Dads, we understand your challenges. We know that talking about emotions can be difficult. That's why we're creating a safe space where you can share your experiences and get the help you need. We want you to be the best dad you can be, not the perfect dad, but the dad you may have always wanted to be.
We're here to support you every step of the way.


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