So you have become a Dad! Congratulations

It’s such an awesome time right?Here at Dads HQ we know that becoming a Dad can be really scary. Not all Dads have had a lot of experience with babies, some of us haven’t even grown up with a Dad in our lives .

Perhaps the Dad you had is not who you want to be.

Our focus at Dads HQ is you.

Dads can experience many things :
*Post natal depression
*Fear and anxiety
*Relationship issues - missing time alone with their partner, rejection , missing intimacy .
*Rainbow families
*Difference in parenting styles
*Alone and left out of decision making process with baby
*How to best to support their partner - what’s my role?
*Find support for their partner who is experiencing post natal depression.
*Time alone
We get you .
No matter what you are experiencing it is all normal and many Dads have felt just like you do.

*Check out the Blokes Book here a directory of local services supporting mens wellbeing.

We get you

So if you are a Dad or identify as a Dad then we are here to support you! Not every Dad experiences are the same . We find that Dads are really cool about talking up the good stuff but the emotional stuff can be left for many Dads to deal with on their own.

We get you .
No matter what you are experiencing it is all normal and many Dads have felt just like you do.
At Dads HQ we want to support you to be a great Dad not a perfect Dad but the Dad you may have always wanted. 

The Blokes Book Hawke's Bay

It is known that men’s partners and families also feel the economic and social impacts of men’s ill health.
That's why we created the Blokes Book for Hawke’s Bay .
We believe it is a positive step in supporting our families and communities through Mens well being and our vision for happy , healthy Hawke's Bay men.


Here to listen and support you and your family.

We bring our understanding  to support you in your  parenting and relationship challenges.
Our experience comes from being parents ourselves, education and research around parenting styles and parent / child relationship, particularly through the teenage years.
If you are parenting alone or Co-Parenting we hope we can offer you some support so you can raise happy healthy kids!


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